Over Mister Valencia

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Providing a unique experience in the city ​​of Valencia for travel enthusiasts with a passion for culture and sport .

Our story

Mister Valencia originated from the great love for two things: the city of Valencia and sports.

In 2011 founder and Dutch hockey player Pim van Zuilekom went to Valencia to live and play hockey. That time has influenced his life in such a way that he decided to set up an organization where all the elements he valued most during his life in Valencia came together and he can now help others to get the same experience.

That first year started with a few groups. The good stories circulated quickly and it soon became busier. He therefore decided to expand the organization with a few friends to build a strong local network that could meet the growing demand for various sports, social activities and events.

Every year Mister Valencia has added new events, activities, training camps and group travel to its offer – sharing unique experiences with participants from many different countries worldwide.



We have the focus to build good relationships with our local network, which makes it easier to stay flexible and make adjustments when needed.

We have tried all our accommodations, tours and other activities that we offer, and have been approved by us – if we say a restaurant is good, it’s because we think so.

We are always there when you need us

Our motto is “It’s always nice to know someone in the city you want to go to; let’s be that person for the people who want to come to Valencia. “