Who we are

Our purpose

Delivering unique experiences in the city of Valencia to travel lovers with a passion for culture and sport.

Our story

Mister Valencia grew out of a deep love for two things: the city of Valencia and sports.

In 2011, founder and Dutch hockey player Pim van Zuilekom spent a gap year living and playing field hockey in Valencia. That year impacted his life in such a way that he decided to start a company that would bring together the elements he enjoyed most about life in Valencia and help recreate those experiences for others.

That first year started small with just a few groups. However, things quickly began to take off as word spread. So, he decided to team up with a few friends to build a local network that would support the growing demand for more sport and tour options to choose from, and bigger events.

With each new year, Mister Valencia has added more events, activities, training camps, and group tours to its offering – sharing unique experiences with visitors from more than a dozen countries across the globe.

Our way of working

We hope to see you soon in Valencia! Hasta pronto!