Padel training camps

Padel is one of the trendiest sports in Valencia where there’s plenty of good weather, excellent trainers and choice courts to go around.

Our padel training camp in Valencia is designed to help you improve your skills and take your game to the next level. We know the best trainers, courts, and places to go with local staff  to help you during your stay.

Pick and choose the activities you want according to your needs – and let us handle the rest.

  • Transport
  • Court reservations
  • Trainers (optional)
  • Matches with local opponents
  • Accommodation & dining out

In addition to its ace padel facilities and great weather, Valencia has a world of cultural and outdoor activities to explore. It boasts of clear-blue water beaches and an enchanting city centre filled with delicious restaurants, winding streets, and architectural gems. Programs can include:

  • Guided bike tours – EN, NL, DE, ES
  • Tapas tours in the old town
  • Football tickets
  • Paella cooking class
  • Salsa lessons

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City - 20%
Culture - 20%
Sport - 60%
Local support - 100%