Leaving your comfortable and familiar surroundings behind for a few months and hopping on a plane with only a suitcase to a new and unknown destination can be very exciting. How will my days look like over there? What can I expect? In this Q & A, we ask others who were in the same situation about their opinion.

Could you give us a short introduction about yourself?
I am Kai and I live in Amstelveen. I have actually been playing football since I was able to walk and I still enjoy playing. 

What made you decide to go to Valencia with Mister Valencia?
I wanted to go abroad for a while in my gap year to be able to orientate a bit. Then I decided to go to Valencia and I had contact with Pim. He linked me to the language school and that’s how I got my apartment as well. In addition, we went to see what the possibilities were to also play football here.

How did you experience the weeks before your departure?
I did not have a lot of stress or something and I felt that it would be all right. But that is, of course, different for everyone. The last days before departure I said goodbye to everyone and I was not very concerned. I think that works best.

What was your first impression and how do you like it here?
I did not know exactly what to expect but after a week everything falls into places. Once I had my training everything starts to get used to and so far I am still having a good time! It is a cool city and there is plenty to do.

Valencia is definitely a cool city and there is plenty to do.

What does an average week look like for you?
From Monday to Friday I have lessons at the language school every morning. That is only until 13:00 and after that I am free. Then there are soccer practices three times a week and matches on weekends. Although, I actually did not play those matches myself yet. However, I am going to the gym and I also hang out with friends.

What do you miss the most from your home country and what will you miss about Valencia?
Definitely my mum, haha! I miss her the most. Going back home I will also mainly miss the people. You live together quite intensively here and I will really miss that.

What is the ultimate highlight of your stay in Valencia?
Those are the parties and the nights out! Besides the fact that the city offers a lot of sports, it also has an amazing nightlife where we are often found…

Last but not least, what would you advise others who are a bit hesitant going on this adventure?
Just don’t think about it too much and heavily. Make sure that what should be arranged is arranged and then everything will be fine! I have met many new people and made new friends. Before you know it, you are already in your final weeks and are looking back on a great time here!

Does a combination of intensive sports and learning Spanish in Valencia sound interesting to you? Just contact us and we will help you orientate!