Only a few tourists know about the breathtaking countryside the region around the city of Valencia has to offer. Next to the living, historic city centre and the beautiful and relaxing Turiapark, you will find numerous hikingtrails through nature, across the mountains and along amazing little rivers. Whether you are walking within or outside the city of Valencia, the view is absolutely incredible. 

Many routes bring you to castles, canyons, dense forests and of course the best views of the country. The view of the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea is waiting for you as you go up in height, rocky landscapes welcome you and an impressive scene of green treetops and cute villages appear right in front of you. 

Well, the region is simply beautiful. But there is one other big advantage which makes Valencia a great destination for hiking: the climate! May, when you can join Mister Valencia on a unique hiking experience, has an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius with a lot of sun and little chance of rainfall. Doesn’t that sound excellent to go hiking?

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginning or experienced hiker, Mister Valencia offers challenging trails for both. Would you already like to know more about the trip? Check our website and join the Hiking Experience 2021! Hasta luego!