Football is one, if not the biggest sport in the world. Wherever you go, football is being played on squares, small fields, and on the streets. Of course, the same goes for Spain, where the people absolutely love football! Even during the current state of emergency, football is being played as frequently as always. Come and join the Turia Trophy in June 2021 with your football friends!

In previous blogs, we already talked about how padel is still being played despite the current corona measures. You can imagine that the people in this passionate football country play football at least as fanatic as padel! Families head to the parks to play and teams compete on the pitch as usual. Did you know that the drained river Jardín del Turia even has a full-size football pitch of its own?

If you are going on a football trip with your team or friends, you will surely go to Spain, won’t you? Under the Spanish sun, in a country where men can’t choose between their wife and the ball and of course in the city with one of the most beautiful football stadiums of Spain: Valencia. The incredible Mestalla Stadium hosts one of the biggest clubs of the country, Valencia C.F., and of course, you can pay Mestalla a visit during your stay!

In our next blog, we will tell you more about the event! Can’t you wait? Don’t worry, have a look at our website for more information!